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Exciting News for HCS

It is with much excitement that we have been given the approval to enter into negotiations with the MoE for integration by the Minister of Education.  This is a significant milestone for us to thank God for and to celebrate, but please understand, it is not quite the full approval for integration.

From here on, the Ministry of Education and the school will come to an agreement on the terms of our integration agreement. We agree on the biggest points already: starting in 2020, the starting roll, the definition of our special character and more.

Becoming an integrated school has some very exciting changes for the school, however, it also allows us to maintain that which is important to us. As an integrated school the delivery of a Christian Worldview, students being equipped for their future, students learning that God has designed them intentionally for a purpose and exploring the systems that God has put in place in both the physical world and social and spiritual world, are all cemented in what we do at Hamilton Christian School. Our ability to pray with our students, read scriptures and worship are absolute fundamentals of our school and becoming integrated does not change that. However, there are many changes that are very positive for us. Our students will have free access to pathway programmes, to Te Kura for free once again, to a wide range of support agencies - the school will have increased funding and you as parents will have significantly reduced fees. All of which means that we can continue doing what is important to us while gaining many benefits and reducing costs for parents.

We know that many of you will be in a position to enrol more of your children at school. We will set in place a system for 2020 enrolments that will confirm placements for new students following the final sign off by the Minister. We are praying that this will happen in the next few months.


Shaun Brooker


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